Historic route one stretches north and south along the eastern coast of theUnited States from Maine to Florida.  The nearly 2500 mile highway weaves its way through major cities, small towns, scenic countryside and ocean vistas.  An amalgam of Americana awaits travelers on this truly American road. 

Like most of the older highways, route one evolved by incorporating existing state highways to form a continuous north-south link between the Northeast and Miami.  Eventually, it would include Key West and the Canadian border.  Born of necessity and formed without rules that would later govern  our new interstate systems,  route one is unique in its hodge podge of billboards, tacky buildings and abandoned structures, as well as high rise state of the art architecture and monuments of all kinds.

Take a trip down this famous highway, and see for yourself one of the finest collections of American cultural icons in the United States.  You will be glad you did.

Route one is constantly changing.  The purpose of the route one project is to document the highway as it exists today.  Digitally painted images of the sites on US route one will be available for purchase from IMAGESMITHS.  The long range objective of this work is to publish a book of images selected from the many digital paintings that will be produced by this project. 

If you would like an image of any property located on route one,  please contact us by email: and we will advise you.   We can not guarantee your image will be published in the book, but any image produced by this project that has the right appeal,  will be given consideration. 

All images shown on this site are there because of the visual appeal of the property.  We respect the rights of privacy, therefore if your property is shown on this website and you would like it removed, please let us know and we will comply with your request.