Karen Smith 

Karen is a skilled travel photograpaher and a digital imaging professional.  With an environmentalist approach to her artwork,  she wants to record the beauty of  route one.  She is able to capture in her work the contrast between the many stories of success and failure on this magnificent strip of the American road.   

Karen is uniquely qualified for the Route One Project . She has studied at The University of South Florida and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech.  Her extensive travel experience in the United States, Europe and Asia  gives her an awareness of the importance of  preserving our American heritage for future generations. 

Harvey Smith

A lifetime pursuit of excellence in photography and a love for the open road, makes the Route One Project a dream effort for him.  The influence of Walker Evans, is evident in the documentary style of his work.  Route one has special memories for many Americans and he wants to capture the spirit of the highway in his artwork.

Harvey has spent many hours in his own darkroom honing the skills of  fine art  portraiture. That skill allowed him to expand the documentary photography of his many road trips into fine architectural portraits painted digitally with virtual paint.  He has studied both film based and digital photography at Virginia Commonwealth University. 



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